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Finding evidence is easy. Collecting, vetting, and securing it is another story.

Thanks to smartphones, evidence is everywhere. In a recent survey, 21% of responders said they had video or photo evidence that could help an officer’s investigation. Yet, nearly 40% did nothing with it.

La collecte et la gestion des preuves numériques sont devenues une préoccupation majeure pour les services, en particulier lors de cas très médiatisés ou de crises majeures. Malheureusement, les contraintes de temps, la corroboration des témoins en personne et les pièges du tri des preuves entravent les efforts des autorités policières. En conséquence, les crimes peuvent rester non résolus. Axon Citizen peut aider.

Axon Citizen : Collecter. Prévenir. Protéger.

Axon Citizen simplifies the evidence-collection process by providing officers and their communities quick and secure tools for submitting and verifying media. During the December 15 webinar, Mike Wagers, former COO of the Seattle Police Department, and Axon representative Noah Spitzer-Williamsdetail the key features of Axon Citizen, including:

  • The one-on-one community evidence submission portal
  • A community-wide, broadcast tool that allows agencies to request evidence from the public
  • The triage tool which sorts and identifies the most relevant evidence that’s submitted during a crisis

Other topics covered during the webinar include how Axon Citizen helps to:

  • Solve and prevent crime with a streamlined workflow and tracking system
  • Build trust with the community by simplifying evidence submission and sharing
  • Involve the community during a major crisis

Don't miss your chance to see Axon Citizen firsthand—watch the recording below.

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